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Carrot Walnut Loaf    P 355.00

Moist cream cheese frosting topped carrot cake wtih walnuts.

Lemon Pistachio Pound Cake    P 290.00

Dense lemony butter rich pound cake glazed with tangy apricot jam and topped with chop pistacios.

Sticky Toffee Pudding    P 340.00                              

Rich sticky date pudding smothered with toffee sauce. Best eaten warm.

Banana Chocolate Streusel    P 275.00

Moist banana loaf cake with struesel crumbs topping and chocolate shavings.

Brioche Bread Pudding    P 285.00

Soft vanilla custard soaked bread topped wih a buttery caramel sauce. Best eaten warm.



Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Fudge Brownies    P 325.00

Super fudgy brownies with walnut chunks, topped with dark chocolate ganoche and milk chocolate.

Creme Caramel    P 95.00

Silky smooth vanilla creme custard with a layer of soft caramel sauce.

Peanut Butter Smores    P 250.00

Dark chocolate dough layered with chocolate ganache, peanut butter cream, graham crumbs and sweet marshmallow cream.



Mudslide Cookies    P 260.00

Chewy chocolate cookies with a hint of coffee and chopped walnuts.

Cranberry Cookies    P 225.00

Chewy old fashioned cookies enhanced with the tart taste of dried cranberries.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies    P 220.00

Crispy on the outside, melt in the mouth buttery cookies loaded with dark chocolate chunks.


ORDER AHEAD CREATIONS (at least 24 hrs)

Crepe Gateau    P 1,350.00

Layers of soft crepe filled with blueberry cream cheese frosting topped with a blueberry glace.

Queso de Bola Cake    P 1,500.00

Light and airy sponge cake frosted with a rich custard and covered with grated Queso de Bola.

Fresh Fruit Pavlova    P 550.00

Crunchy meringue shells topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits.



Chocolate Citrus Gateau    P 1,450.00

Macha Praline Torte    P 1,350.00

Crepe Gateau    P 1,350.00  

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake    P 1,400.00 

Banoffee Pie    P 930.00

La Opera    P 1,400.00

Queso de Bola Cake    P 1,500.00

Strawberry Shortcake    P 1,250.00

Nutella Sansrival    P 1,450.00

Fresh Fruit Pavlova    P 550.00      

President's Avenue, corner Adelfa Street, Parañaque City, 1700, Philippines